Our sustainability approach is based on four focus areas: Governance and Delivery, People, HSE, and Community. They are critical for the growth of the organization and the development of resources in a safe and productive environment.


Governance and Delivery

Governance is the responsibility of our executive leadership team for setting out the objectives and the strategies in line with our mission. The executive team makes sure our operations are run in the most effective and efficient way in compliance with our code of ethics. It’s also the executive team’s responsibility to make sure we use the most efficient tools for ERP and CRM and a unified platform for financials across our operations. The executive team conducts yearly audits to ensure compliance with policies and alignment with strategies.

Sustainability in delivery translates in the solid long-lasting relationships with clients. We work very closely with each client making sure we meet or exceed expectations. Our strategy includes local offices to ensure proximity to the clients, web based tools for more responsiveness and continuous follow-up during project and after delivery for client feedback and evaluation of the performance.


Progesys took the 1/1/1 Pledge

Progesys is committed to contribute time and equity to Operation Enfants Soleil, for aid and research for sick children, as well as Centraide Diapason-Jeunesse, an organization encouraging youth aged 12 to 17 in Laval to remain in school or return to school.

The company contribute also to other community events such as the Educational Programme Pathways and the event Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie.

The 1/1/1 Pledge is an effort to invite technology entrepreneurs and their companies to commit resources (time, equity, product) and integrate philanthropy into their business.

In this program, an organization commits 1% of its time, equity and product or services to the community.

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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

We have an outstanding safety record due to initiatives and tools that are important to us in our daily life at work and at home. They include continuous education on safe practices and an HSE Management Manual, HSE Policy and Golden Rules listed below.

The HSE Golden rules are posted and adhered to at all time by all employees:

  • Never work under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Always work with appropriate PPE’s, permits and Job Hazard Assessment
  • Lock out all energized equipment and facilities before performing any work on it
  • Always work at heights with proper fall protection / prevention
  • Never order or ask someone to do a job under unsafe conditions or to perform a job that pulls his life in danger
  • Stay away from lifting load
  • Respect 3m safety distance from moving mobile equipment
  • Only perform critical activities if you are trained, qualified and authorized
  • Only enter a confined space if a permit has been issued and you are trained to do so
  • Wear your seatbelt and do not use handheld communication devices while driving

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We understand that our success is attributable to our employees’ talent, ethics and dedication to our mission. The quality of our work is directly related, and more than any other business, to the quality of our resources. The coordination of project stakeholders requires professional, technical, human qualities and values to contribute to project success. Our engineers and technicians use these qualities and values to accomplish better projects. Progesys management team is formed by young, results driven professionals with significant and progressive experience in engineering, project management, construction and commissioning.