Progesys is dedicated to the success of industrial projects by offering best-in-class services in niche markets it serves. Our goal is to become a leader in introducing innovative practices to the industry. Our resources successfully direct and deliver projects in and outside Canada and strive to execute their work in a safe and clean environment.


Our values are Know-how, Integrity, Leadership and Safety and they translate through our everyday activities.


Our vocation is to be the best in the services offered due to innovative practices. Our team is recognized for the exceptional quality of their work.


Safety is a fundamental value. The objective of zero incident and injuries depends on the behaviour of each. Safety is a culture for our firm. Promoting best practices and perfecting our knowledge of security are priorities for our employees as well as the organization.


The integrity of each of our resources is an inherent quality in our firm. We work with an approach based on transparency and concern offering exceptional service knowing that the success of the client’s project and our success are but one.


Our team leadership is transmitted by our approach:

  • Setting out clear objectives
  • Applying safety programs
  • Respect of the environment
  • Respect of budgets and schedules via our management practices
  • Knowledge of construction markets
  • Rigorous control of costs and quality
  • Control of site organization and logistics
  • Transparent project administration