Hydro Power

Progesys provides project and construction management services for Hydro projects and a unique expertise for engineering and fabrication of mechanical equipment.

Progesys provides project and construction management services for Hydro projects. The services include all aspects of project control, coordination of contractor work and risk management. We provide construction supervision services and coordination of site activities and inspect equipment fabrication at vendor’s fabrication facilities.

Our teams of engineers and technicians have a thorough knowledge of the Hydro power industry and are recognized for their achievements on small and large projects in and outside Canada.

Engineering / Fabrication for Hydro Projects

Progesys engineering team has a unique expertise in the design of mechanical components for hydro projects. The team is recognized for delivering large number of engineering/fabrication/installation works for hydro projects mechanical equipment for over more than 20 years in and outside Canada.

The Engineering expertise located now in our Dubai offices delivers innovative engineering solutions based on years of experience in the province of Quebec, the largest hydroelectric producer in the world with more than 36600 megawatts and sixty hydroelectric installations. Hydroelectricity in the province accounts for more than 40% of used energy.