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July 30, 2021


Progesys Provides COVID-19 Relief in Kerala, India

Helping The Global Community One Charitable Act at a Time

Our Realization About COVID-19’s Impact

Progesys is a Canadian-based company with international branches in Asia, North America, and the Middle East. As a result of being exposed to the living standards in various countries, we have learned that COVID-19’s detrimental effects are not made equal. Despite the whole world being negatively affected by COVID-19, some countries were hit especially harder notably India.

The Magnificent Southern State of India: Kerala

The southern state, Kerala, is a place of unparalleled beauty. Its breathtaking landscapes, entrancing ritual arts, impressive architecture, and incredibly rich cultural diversity make anyone who visits it falls in love. Discover Kerala through the following pictures.

The scope of India’s COVID-19 Problems in the southern state of Kerala

As you can see from these pictures, Kerala is a beautiful and historically rich state. It also has a massive population of 35.8 million people (2021). However, the fact that their population size is so large has become problematic during the pandemic. As we now know, the more people there are concentrated in one area, the higher the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks. Unfortunately, the state of Kerala was no exception to this rule.

One of our project coordination managers in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Ajay Krishnan, was distraught by the cultural and economic turbulence affecting his hometown in Ottapalam (Palakkad) in Kerala. Ajay brought to light the plight that his people were going through. Here are a few examples:

  1. The 2020 pandemic lockdown affected the livelihoods of the citizens of Ottapalam (Palakkad) who are mostly middle to lower-income earners.
  2. Most of these people depended on in-person trade like shops and street selling to generate their daily earnings and thus could no longer proceed with their business activities.
  3. Many lost their businesses and others experience an increase in their liabilities.
  4. Communal activities came to a halt as offices, shops, schools, colleges, and street markets closed.

The Solution: Progesys partner to provide charity service relief in Kerala (India)

Striving to give back to his community, Ajay Krishnan’s goal was to enlist the help of Progesys, to provide relief to his hometown and lessen their burden as much as possible. He partnered with our CEO Riad Faour to create a wonderful team of volunteers amongst Progesys members stationed in Southeast Asia. Due to the team’s hard work, compassion, and resilience, Progesys was able to extend its hand to help the town of Ottapalam (Palakkad) through past and ongoing charity initiatives in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Some of the relief we were able to provide include:

  • Provided one month’s worth of grocery kits for 120 families which comprised of 20 essential goods each through local charitable organizations.


  •  Donated money to the local community service organization to help provide 3 meals a day, during a 20-day period, for 200 impoverished patients at the Government Hospital.
  • Provided mobile phones for 15 children from financially unstable families select from various schools for online education purposes through local charitable organizations.


  • Provided 50 pulse oximeters for the community which allowed families under quarantine to monitor their oxygen saturation levels and alerted them when there was a need to go to the hospital.
  • Donating masks, gloves, and sanitizing material to community health centres through local charitable organizations.


  • Donating to a fund created for providing medicine to cancer patients.


  • Donating, through the school principal, five mobile phones for five impoverished students to use for education purposes. This initiative was done through a local community organization.


  • Provided vegetable kits for 100 families through local community service organizations.



  • Provided a 2-week supply of grocery kits to 150 families through local community service organizations.

Our charity relief goal for the rest of 2021

To provide free services, with the help of donations from the public to the 350 cancer patients who cannot afford medication and checkups.

Our Thanks Go to the Team

Progesys is proud to have such an outstanding individual as part of its family. We recognize the tremendous effort, planning, and coordination necessary to make these activities work and donations impactful.

Thank you to Ajay Krishnan for giving back to your community and giving us the honour of accompanying you in your mission.


Anasilvia Rojas Danies

Marketing Officer

Progesys, Inc. Laval