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ELYSIS 1 – Rio Tinto and Alcoa


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Location Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
Year of realization 2018 – 2020
Project value Confidential


Rio Tinto and Alcoa founded ELYSIS as a joint venture to develop an innovative process that will make aluminum production greener by using new anodes that eliminate CO2 production and produce pure oxygen instead. The new technology is the culmination of a decade of research and development.

ELYSIS plans to commercialize its technology by 2024. Once fully deployed, they will eliminate the direct emissions of GHG released by the electrolysis process and will strengthen the highly integrated production and processing industry in Canada and the United States. The lifespan will be more than 30 times that of current components.


  • Advised the client on the best execution and contractual strategy for the project
  • Led the project control management (estimating, scheduling, document control & cost control)
  • Analyzed the cost data and reported performance indicators to top management
  • Performed contract administration
  • Oversaw the project progress and presented it to corporate
  • Prepared a construction work plan and a project logistics plan
  • Performed on-site construction management
  • Oversaw procurement process from the bidders’ selection until contract award.