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Implementation of ARES PRISM – Glencore-Raglan Mine

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Location Raglan, Quebec, Canada
Year of realization 2014 - 2015
Project value USD 55 Million (Sustaining Capital Portfolio)


Glencore-Raglan Mine, part of the Glencore Group, is one of the richest base-metal mines in the world and is located at the extreme limit of Northern Quebec. 

Glencore-Raglan Mine strives to become a model in the mining industry for human resource development, equity towards its multicultural workforce, and respect for the local communities and the environment. Employing more than 950 workers, Glencore-Raglan Mine is committed to providing a safe, productive, healthy, and stable work environment. 

In 2014, PROGESYS was mandated to implement the cost control system ARES PRISM in collaboration with ARES. 


  • Defined the cost management practices phases 
  • Provided readiness and gap assessment 
  • Provided a pilot implementation and a full implementation of the ARES PRISM cost management module 
  • Provided Glencore’s staff with training for ARES PRISM 
  • Implemented the project management procedures 
  • Planned and scheduled the project activities.