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Project Management

Best practices and brilliant people

The coordination of project stakeholders requires competence, technical skills and human qualities to contribute to project success. Having some of the most brilliant project management engineers, Progesys delivers valuable results for industry leaders. Whether for capital or sustaining projects, our resources and methodologies have proved effective for meeting project objectives. We have built partnerships with world-class software solutions providers that complement our services thus providing an added value to our clients.

A structured approach

To allow projects to reach their fullest potential, our business model is built on two pillars: good project management and good transition to operation. Project management best practices related to scope definition, planning, estimating and cost control, and risk management are important. To that we need to add common sense and experience allowing us to take in consideration project size and conditions and choose best strategies and adequate solutions.

Solutions should be tailored to the size and conditions of every project.

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Our solutions

Key Expertise supporting project owners

For over a decade, Progesys’ resources have fulfilled key positions within owner teams. We have a proven track record of success in leading and managing all aspects of industrial projects. We believe that adequate planning and control tools, kept comprehensive and adapted to the size and distinctiveness of the project, allow owner teams to foresee challenges and opportunities ensuring better management.

Project Management Office

The PMO helps companies by providing the structure needed to standardize project management practices and facilitate project portfolio management, as well as determine methodologies for repeatable processes. The PMO allows them to complete more projects on time and on budget with fewer resources. Progesys offers its clients the expertise and tools to help create and operate a PMO.

Risk Management

Progesys provides Risk Management services to clients in many industries, on both small and large scale projects. We use a set of best practices and methodologies and deploy highly experienced professionals to offer value-driven Risk Management services. Our professionals count decades of experience in the industries we serve and many years in the management of risks to projects and operations.


It is essential that appropriate best practices be utilized for the successful completion of projects given today’s environment of rapid change and limited budgets and resources. Progesys provides auditing services in project execution fields: project management, health and safety, construction management, pre-commissioning, commissioning and operational readiness. Audits are conducted by experts with an average of twenty years’ experience in the industries we serve. The scope of auditing is tailored to client’s requirement; it can provide guidance and advice or include a roadmap to rectify situations and implement solutions.

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