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Key factor for success

Studies show that many industrial projects fail to meet cost and schedule objectives and experience severe and continuous operational problems after start-up. The transition from construction to operation requires specialized know-how, skills, and tools. It is often underestimated, misunderstood, and overshadowed by efforts to complete engineering and construction.



A unique focus on commissioning

Progesys helps clients around the world achieve optimum value when bringing their facilities into operation. We are unique for concentrating our know-how and experience to commission industrial facilities. Our early involvement during design and build phases prevents costly errors. We plan and execute the transition and ramp-up phase with proven methodologies, innovative tools and experienced resources, resulting in a structured handover of systems to owners. We ensure operability in terms of performance, reliability, safety and information traceability.

Commissioning your facility should be an opportunity not a nightmare.

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Our approach

We plan and execute commissioning with proven methodologies, innovative tools and experienced resources


Our first objective is to understand your needs. It will help both of us to have a clear view on success factors, project context, stakeholders and their interests.


We will then plan the commissioning (define systems, budgets, schedule staffing, HSE, spare parts, LOTO, handover, vendors’ presence, etc..) and upload project data in CommissioningForce. 


We will mobilize multidisciplinary expert teams to manage and execute commissioning and start-up.


We will deliver, achieve objectives and support you in ramp-up and operation. We have invested 15 years in transforming commissioning from a risk to an opportunity.

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