Turnkey Solutions

You want engineering services which deliver on project requirements and are exempt of errors and rework. See how Progesys engineering services help achieve this objective:

  • Work with experts and engineering leads in every discipline
  • Rely on state-of-the-art tools and software
  • Get instant reporting on engineering progress based on comprehensive planning and control practices

Invaluable engineering expertise

Progesys provides all engineering services in-house. Our engineers and technicians have an exceptional track record of success in the design, fabrication and commissioning of custom designed equipment for various applications and industries.

We utilize the most modern software and tools to simulate operation conditions of our custom designed equipment, evaluate solutions and design safe and reliable equipment for our clients.

Our engineering team serving the Middle East and Asia is located in Dubai. Their proximity is an important factor as they can sit and discuss the clients’ needs. Having a thorough understanding of the requirements and clear communications are key to engineering the best solutions and reducing project lead times.

Engineering (Oil & Gas)

GENESYS is a specialized engineering firm owned by Progesys and offers EPCM services primarily to the Oil and Gas industry. The firm has a dedicated management and execution team to serve clients and execute projects. The organization can count on more than 300 highly skilled engineers and technicians applying the best tools and practices in the industry.

Website: www.genesys-ind.ca

Engineering (Hydro Power)

Progesys engineering team has a unique expertise in the design of mechanical components for hydro projects. The team is recognized for delivering a large number of engineering/fabrication/installation works for hydro projects mechanical equipment for over more than 20 years in and outside Canada.

The Engineering team located now in Dubai delivers innovative engineering solutions based on years of experience in the province of Quebec, the largest hydroelectric producer in the world with more than 36600 megawatts and sixty hydroelectric installations. Hydroelectricity in the province accounts for more than 40% of used energy.