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Location EMAL, Taweelah, Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Year of realization 2007 – 2010
Project value USD 100 Million


The aluminum complex was built in two phases on a 6-sq. km site in the Khalifa Port Industrial Zone in Taweelah. After the first phase was completed, the facility had a production capacity of 700,000 tonnes of primary aluminum per annum with a product mix of sow, standard ingot, billet, and sheet ingot. The building cost of the first phase was approximately USD 5.7 billion and resulted in 756 reduction cells arranged in two pot lines, as well as having on-site a 2000 MW power plant, an anode manufacturing plant, and a multiproduct cast house. The second phase increased the total production capacity to 1.4 million tonnes per annum, making EMAL the world’s most productive and most efficient single-site aluminum production facility. 

PROGESYS provided specialized engineering and commissioning services to ECL, contracted by EMAL, to design, build and commission the anode rodding and hot bath treatment plants as part of the smelter project. 


  • Provided engineering solutions through our office in Dubai to optimize the equipment installed 
  • Provided industrial engineering expertise to monitor and confirm the plant performance (Performance guarantees) 
  •  Supervised activities and assisted the client team during the POV 
  • Audited the existing POV and commissioning procedures 
  • Provided site technical assistance. 
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