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Design and Fabrication of ballasting devices MDU & MSU, Hibernia Platform

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Location Newfoundland, Canada
Year of realization 1995
Project value USD 14.2 Billion


The production platform Hibernia is the world’s largest oil platform and consists of a 37,000 t (41,000 short tons) integrated topsides facility mounted on a 600,000 t (660,000 short tons) gravity base structure. The platform was towed to its final site, and 450,000 t (500,000 short tons) of solid ballasts were added to secure it in place. Inside the gravity base structure are storage tanks for 1.2 million barrels (190,000 m3) of crude oil.

A leading resource of Progesys offered its services for Design and Supervision activities, regarding the supply and fabrication of equipment, for the Ballasting of the Platform.

Services offered

  • Design , Calculations & finite elements analysis
  • Detailed engineering and Drawing
  • Redaction of fabrication procedures
  • Supervision of fabrication
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