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Raglan Mine Capacity Increase Program – Xstrata Nickel

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Location Raglan, Quebec, Canada
Year of realization 2012 – 2014
Project value USD 530 Million


Raglan Mine, located at the extreme limit of Northern Quebec, operates one of the richest base-metal mines in the world, but also the only nickel mines in the province of Quebec. Since it was brought into production in 1997, the total yearly production has increased gradually to today’s 1.3 million tons of ore. Raglan Mine is a division of Xstrata Nickel, one of Xstrata Group’s global commodity businesses. Raglan Mine employs more than 950 workers.

Xstrata was executing several projects to increase the capacity of the Raglan Mine and hired PROGESYS to handle the planning work, management, and execution of the POV, and commissioning phase of the Capacity Increase Program. The Capacity Increase Program was scheduled to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2014.


  • Scoped all facilities by systems to enable a smooth transfer from the EPC to the owner’s operation team
  •  Defined and implemented the POV roles and responsibilities matrix
  •  Overviewed the construction key milestones and planned the vendors’ presence on-site for POV activities
  • Prepared a POV execution plan for the owner’s team
  • Planned the plant systems turn-over to the owner
  • Reviewed and prepared all verification forms for the equipment and system testing details
  •  Provided detailed planning of the POV and commissioning activities
  • Reviewed and updated the LOTO procedures and related forms
  •  Conducted LOTO and HSE training based on Xstrata’s needs and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Managed and guided the execution of OR tasks in line with people, process, and systems readiness requirements.
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