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Re-Commissioning and Services Dryer Improvement Project – TACORA Resources

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Location Newfoundland, Labrador, Canada
Year of realization 2020 - 2021
Project Value Confidential


The Wabush mine started operation in 1965 and closed in 2014. During that period of operation, the mine had produced between 2.7 million and 6 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate annually. 

TACORA Resources (TACORA) is now focused on the revitalization and restart of the mine and concentrator by improving the reliability and safety of the operation which will help increase the production rate of the Scully mine. 

Since TACORA continues to ramp-up in production, the importance of achieving higher levels of reliability from the drying system will become crucial to TACORA’s success. All equipment, production systems, and auxiliary systems in the dryer building, including all conveyors feeding and exiting the dryer building, are to be considered as part of this project. 


  • Reviewed the installations, the initial design, the process, and the configuration of systems & subsystems 
  • Identified the modifications and the improvements (sustaining projects & execution) required to improve reliability 
  • Planned the re-commissioning of the systems and subsystems with emphasis on critical equipment 
  • Provided deficiencies management 
  • Validated and improved the maintenance and operation works 
  • Developed the SOP & SWP’s as required 
  • Implemented the TACORA safe-work procedures and operation excellence concepts  
  • Worked closely with the TACORA operations and maintenance team 
  • Generated injury rates and safety performance  
  • Integrated TACORA resource processes for safety and operational excellence 
  • Provided an efficient implementation of planned maintenance work 
  • Increased the dryer performance (availability, utilization, consumption) 
  • Provided detailed upgrades in automation to improve the efficiency of dryer performance 
  • Completed point to point calibration of all instrumentation on Fives burner skids and all other instrumentation in the dryer building 
  • Provided recommendations for improvements of components and instrumentation on Fives burner skids 
  • Provided detailed HMI screens for attendants/operators for troubleshooting  
  • Removed all cables no longer in service and installed new cable trays where required 
  • Provided safe, efficient, and sustainable methods and equipment to clean all levels of dryer building.